New! The NZ Certificate in Electrical Trade (Level 4) – General Electrical

Enrolments for EarnLearn’s new electrical apprenticeship, the New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Trade (Level 4) – General Electrical [4204], are open now!

The new apprenticeship is made up of on-job, online, and on-campus (off-job) training plus First Aid/CPR training. It takes three and a half, to four years to complete. 

Apprentices enrolling into the new programme will get the same high-quality education as before, supported by improved structures behind the scenes and better digital learning integration.  

The on-job assessments for this new qualification are completed and submitted online, through My eLearning (our eLearning hub), meaning printed workbooks and printed evidence are a thing of the past.  

As per the previous electrical apprenticeships offered by EarnLearn, graduates will be eligible to register for EWRB registration.   

This apprenticeship, New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Trade (Level 4) – General Electrical [4204], will be phased in to replace the current programme, New Zealand Apprenticeship in Electrical Engineering (Level 4) [2388]. 

Apprentices in the current programme will notice no changes. They do not need to transition to the new NZ Certificate. They’ll be given enough time to finish their apprenticeship before the current programme is discontinued at the end of 2027. 

For more information about the new programme or to enrol, give us a call on 0800 327 648 (0800 EARN IT). Or check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. 


FAQs: New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Trade (Level 4) – General Electrical [4204] 

I want to enrol in the new electrical programme, the New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Trade (Level 4) – General Electrical [4204], how do I get started? 

Give us a call on 0800 327 648 (0800 EARN IT).   

There are a couple of forms you and your employer need to fill out together, so we’ll send these to you. Once we’ve received and processed your documents, an Account Manager will get in touch with you or your employer. They’ll run through an induction so you have everything you need to get started. 


I want to enrol in the old electrical programme, New Zealand Apprenticeship Electrical Engineering Theory and Practice (Trade) Level 4 [2388], can I still do that? 

From 4 September 2023 we will only offer the new NZ Certificate, [4204], to new trainees starting from Year One. 

Enrolments for the old apprenticeship [2388] are permitted on a case-by-case basis until August 2024. Examples would include; trainees returning to complete their apprenticeship, or pre-trade graduates.  


When does the old apprenticeship [2388] expire? 

The last date of assessment for this programme is 31 December 2027. 


I’m a current apprentice, do I need to move to the new NZ Certificate? 

No. There is enough time for you to complete, unless you take a long time to complete.  

Should the old apprenticeship expire before you finish it, you will need to transfer to the new apprenticeship. We highly recommend that you aim to finish on time to avoid any transition issues. 


How is the new programme different? 

Apprentices enrolling into the new programme will get the same high-quality education as before, supported by improved structures behind the scenes and better digital learning integration.   

Changes include: 

  • Updated material to meet the needs of future electricians 
  • No more specialisations – Domestic/commercial and industrial specialties are incorporated into one apprenticeship 
  • On-jobs and electrical safety course are now done online in My eLearning (our eLearning hub). Please note, the electrical safety course (TLC requirement) needs to be completed before starting any on-jobs. 


Does the new programme include Capstone exams? 

Yes. There is one at the end Year One and another at the end of Year Two. 


Does the new programme include the two EWRB/Aspeq exams? 

Yes. The NZ Certificate does include the two Aspeq exams, including exam preparation courses. Resit fees are not included. 


Will I need a computer for this apprenticeship? 

Yes, you will need access to a computer or tablet to complete and submit on-job assessments through My eLearning (our eLearning hub). 


Will I need to attend block courses at a campus? 

Yes. We call these Off-jobs. This is where you will learn electrical theory and complete your Off-job assessments. Delivery methods will be different depending on the campus you select. Off-job study is delivered by on-campus providers in various ways: online, night classes or day classes. 


Do trainees need to pay fees? 

Yes, in most cases trainees pay a weekly fee via direct debit. Talk to us to find out more. 


What funding is available? 

Learners may be eligible for Fees Free. If you are a first-time learner, or your first tertiary education was covered by the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund, you may be able to get your fees covered for one year’s study or two years’ training.   

For more information and to check your eligibility, visit 


Employers may be able to receive the Apprenticeship Boost, this is a payment made to employers to help them keep and take on apprentices.  

For more information visit 


What support is available for learners?  

  • Your EarnLearn Account Manager is there to help you, so please get in touch if there’s anything you need support with. This handy map shows you who the EarnLearn Account Managers in your region are, and how to contact them if you need assistance. You can also visit or call 0800 327 648 (0800 EARN IT). 
  • All learners have access to our free learner support programme run by Vitae. Vitae is a free, confidential, 24/7 counselling service that is available to all EarnLearn | Te Pūkenga learners. This type of pastoral support can be essential in helping learners stay on track for success. 
  • Part of EarnLearn’s job is to provide support to apprentices with learning differences. We also help employers support their employees who learn differently. Email us at to find out how we can help. 



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