Regulatory Practice

Improve capabilities, drive forward the regulatory sector

The benefits of Regulatory Practice Qualifications and why they have been so widely endorsed


Individuals will improve their capacity to complete regulatory tasks through a stronger foundation of knowledge and understanding.


These qualifications teach a common language and capability applicable to a wide range of regulatory environments. Individuals will be provided with improved career opportunities.


Investing in people will create enthusiasm and passion for the job, at the same time as growing the overall competency of the organisation.


The qualifications have been developed with the goal of strengthening government leadership. Staff will gain the knowledge and skills to work collectively to raise the standard of regulatory practice in New Zealand.

Core Knowledge

The Core Knowledge qualification is the first on the regulatory learning pathway developed with support from the Government Regulatory Practice Initiative (G-REG).

It is designed for everyone that works in, wants to work in, who is closely associated with, a regulatory organisation. Frontline staff all the way up to CEO level.

It provides a broad overview of New Zealand’s Regulatory System, and is the new standard for the sector. Those that complete the qualification will gain a common language and common understanding that is shared across government – both local and central.

Cost: $350 + GST for domestic learners

Operational Knowledge

The Operational Knowledge Qualification takes things one step further on the regulatory learning pathway.

The qualification is designed for those that are either preparing to, or currently carrying out frontline regulatory compliance work. It is also relevant to those supporting others to carry out these tasks. This covers frontline officers, administrative support staff, technical advisers, and legal, policy, or communications advisers.

It covers operational knowledge of legal systems, powers and obligations, offences, and evidence. It also gives a more detailed overview of regulatory practice, and using a range of interventions.

Cost: $350 + GST for domestic learners


Operational Practice

The Operational Practice Qualification enhances the knowledge gained in the previous Operational Knowledge Qualification (a requirement in order to progress to this Level), and puts that understanding into practice.

Those that undertake regulatory compliance operational work would benefit from this qualification.

Working through the qualification learners will cover frontline activities that involve direct contact with regulated persons and members of the public. Once graduated, individuals will be able to undertake a broad range of routine regulatory practice processes.

Cost: $350 + GST for domestic learners

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