Changes to NZ Certificate in Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying Level 4 (version 3)

We’ve made a few changes to the way learners move through their assessments and block courses as part of the New Zealand Certificate in Plumbing, Gasfitting & Drainlaying Level 4 (version 3).

It will now be easier to understand what trainees need to do to be allocated into a block course and how they progress through your training. Please note, no changes have been made to the course content.

What are the changes?

Accessing eLearning assessments

  • When learners login to eLearning Hub, they’ll notice changes have been made to what they can see in the Courses page.
  • Learners will now be able to see all Online Theory Sessions and assessments in eLearning Hub for the year they are currently in.
  • For example, Year Two learners will now have access to all of the Year Two Online Theory Sessions and assessments.
  • Once an entire year’s online assessments are completed, they will have access to the following year’s Online Theory Sessions and assessments.

Block course allocation

  • Allocation to block courses will now be determined by the completion of Online Theory Assessments in eLearning Hub.
  • Please refer to the Learning Plan. This outlines the order which online assessments need to be completed to ensure allocation to a block course.

On-job assessments

  • The new Learning Plan provides a guide of what On-jobs need to completed in each quarter to ensure learners stay on track.

You can find more information in the Frequently Asked Question below, or by contacting your Account Manager.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why are these changes being made? 

To allow learners to access online assessments promptly. 


What happens to a learner who is already allocated to a block course but does not meet the new block course entry criteria? 

Their allocation will remain as is. 


What Online Assessments are available to a learner in the eLearning Hub? 

Learners should be able to see all assessments for their current year. 


Will this change allow a learner to progress faster through their apprenticeship? 

No. A learner’s consumption of their course content (theory, practical and on-job) will align as close as possible to a 12-month period. The Learning Plan’s layout indicates the maximum consumption of units that can be completed within a 12-month period. 


What is an Online Theory Session?

This session includes both the study guide (to prepare you for assessment) and the final, unit standard based theory assessment.


Will a learner be able to continue with the next year’s theory sessions if they are still waiting to attend the previous year’s block course? 

Yes. The next year’s theory sessions will be available once the entire previous year’s theory assessments are completed.


For an existing learner, will their progression to their next block course be reliant on completion of just the prerequisites for that particular block course? 

Yes. Any outstanding theory assessments that form the new prerequisites of previous block courses will not impact their ability to continue to the next block courses. 


Does completion of on-job units impact a learner’s ability to be allocated to a block course? 

No. On-job units are completely independent of block course allocation. The Learning Plan is an indicative pathway for completion of on-job units. Once the First Aid and Confined Spaces courses are completed, it is expected that the learner will complete one on-job per quarter throughout the qualification’s duration. 


How will learners access support for questions of a technical nature? 

A few assessors are available to provide support for learners as soon as they are signed up. These phone numbers will be made available shortly. 


Is the only condition for allocation to block course completion of the online theory assessments? 

Yes. However, if a learner is currenty allocated to a block course, that will remain regardless of online theory assessments completed. 


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