Marius is delivering for electrical learners

For Marius Schmidt, EarnLearn | Te Pūkenga Delivery Manager – Electrical, training is about more than simply making sure learners achieve their qualifications.

The most rewarding part of it, says Marius, is working closely with those learners who are struggling, or who might not have even considered taking on training at all.

“That 20% of learners who struggle are what the job is all about; that’s where the satisfaction really comes from. Sometimes you have to pick them up from some difficult places if they’ve given up. You walk with them and show them how to succeed.”

Though he has more than 24 years’ experience working as a trainer and in senior training manager roles in New Zealand (and more experience prior to that in his native South Africa), Marius still brings that same approach to the job every day.

Marius now works mostly with EarnLearn training providers, “helping train them to train their trainees”. He makes sure they are working to the highest standards and have a thorough understanding of the electrical sector, including any new developments such as the recent introduction of an apprenticeship qualification, the New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Trade (Level 4).

Through all that it is important to keep that passion for helping people at the centre of the work, Marius says.

“It’s all about that end-user. It’s important to teach them, but it’s about more than just telling them what to do. It’s more important to give people all the tools they need to succeed,” he says, adding that is true for trainers as well as trainees.

Marius says the new NZ Certificate in Electrical Trade apprenticeship qualification will help level the playing field so all trainees have access to those same tools. “It’s a new, modern qualification, in a unified programme and with a digital on-the-job approach.

“It’s fit-for-purpose, built by the industry for the industry. All the training providers will have the same resources to teach from.”

That standardisation, which applies whether learners are in face-to-face training or digital training, opens up opportunities for all learners to succeed, he says.


Enrolments for the New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Trade (Level 4) – General Electrical open on 1 September 2023.

If you’re thinking of taking on an apprentice or want to know more about the new electrial qualification we’re happy to chat! Contact us here

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