Opening up pathways across government

As a senior stakeholder advisor at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Christine Ammunson can see immense value in the New Zealand Certificate in Regulatory Compliance (Core Knowledge) (Level 3).

Core Knowledge opens up pathways across government to expand her career, builds greater understanding between central and local government with a common language, and allows her to get her service to the public recognised as a regulatory professional.

Like many others in government, Christine has a passion for supporting her community whether from the marae, her church, in the sports team she supports, or professionally – working for Government with the support of the G-REG qualifications is an extension of that.

“As a government employee you are there to serve the public. It’s about serving your whanau, it’s about serving your community. We’re not faceless bureaucrats – we’re people who want to do well for our country and this qualification helps us to be the best at doing that.”

As Christine shows, Core Knowledge isn’t useful just for those on the front line, but for everybody in government or in government facing roles.

Get your talents as a regulatory professional recognised and ask your manager about signing up to Core Knowledge today.

Christine Ammunson Video Blog: The impact gaining a G-REG qualification had on my life.

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