Using the G-REG Operational Knowledge training as a stepping stone in your career

Are you working for a government agency involved in regulatory work and looking to climb the career ladder?

Are you struggling to build your career pathway and get the professional development you need?

The new Government Regulatory Practice Initiative (G-REG) Operational Knowledge qualification could be the stepping stone you need to open new doors.

How G-REG can help develop your career

The G-REG qualifications are designed to break down barriers between agencies and equip staff with transferable skills, allowing them to move across agencies. They enable anyone in the regulatory system to see how the knowledge, skills, and processes followed by a parking warden, for instance, may be transferred to a maritime officer role.

Operational Knowledge (Level 4) was launched in April this year and is the second step on the G-REG learning pathway. It builds on the knowledge gained in the Core Knowledge (Level 3) qualification which provides a broad overview, common language and understanding of the New Zealand regulatory system.

Completing Operational Knowledge will increase your knowledge and understanding of regulatory best practice. This not only shows your dedication and professionalism but also means you’re equipped to manage more complex roles or cross-agency projects – which makes you an asset to any organisation. The G-REG training isn’t compulsory for regulators either, so those who have it will stand out from the crowd, both amongst their colleagues and in the recruitment space.

Operational Knowledge is built to suit your busy work life

Government agencies realised the difficulty many regulators have with hectic work schedules and trying to maintain a healthy work/life balance. So, when it came to developing the G-REG Operational Knowledge qualification, they created a flexible solution that is self-paced, based online, and backed up with in-house support from specialists. This flexibility allows people to train when it suits them, without leaving the office or being locked into strict schedules.

About the qualification

Operational Knowledge develops a stronger understanding of regulatory compliance through the application of real-life case studies. The course also covers the legal framework required for work across a range of agencies.

The course is one of five in the Initiative aiming to achieve regulatory compliance excellence. It strives to have all individuals as part of the regulatory system understand each other’s roles and how they are connected. It is vital for a regulatory practitioner to understand why a job is being done in a certain way. The knowledge gained on the course will increase engagement with the regulatory sector and the community of regulatory practitioners; allowing further input and understanding to better individual and sector capabilities.

So, what does New Zealand get from our regulators being more productive and engaged in their roles and career development? Simple, better regulators will mean better regulation, keeping New Zealanders safe and improving our economic and social wellbeing.

What next?

G-REG is the first of its kind world-wide. Be a part of the transformation of New Zealand’s regulatory system and at the same time use Operational Knowledge as a stepping stone towards where you want to be in your career.

If you’re interested in finding out more visit the Skills website or talk to your L&D manager.

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