Improvements for PGD learners

We’ve been listening to feedback from learners and employers while taking a close look at the journey of the learner as they progress through our Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying programmes.

This has led us to implement changes to ensure learners day-to-day training is more efficient and convenient for them, and that they have access to the training resources and support they need, when they need them.

Key improvements we’ve implemented:

Adaptable learner plans
To assist with streamlining and visibility of learner progress, customised learner plans have been sent to all current ākonga (learners).

These plans are personalised to the training needs of each learner. Learning is broken down into units that the learner needs to focus on along with timeframes. This allows learners to see exactly what they need to do next and when it must be completed. It also provides the assessor, account manager and employer visibility over that learner’s progress. The plans can be updated and forwarded by email so information is easily kept up-to-date.

By having visibility of where the learner is in their training programme, it makes it easier to understand the context of learner questions and have these answered correctly and any issues with their training dealt with promptly. This also gives employers greater transparency over their employees’ progress so they can ensure their employee is getting exposure to the work related to their learning.

More assessors
EarnLearn | Te Pūkenga has taken on additional assessors to reduce marking wait time for learner assessments and increase learner progression onto block courses. 

These assessors will also be used to provide additional support for those learners who are struggling with their pre-requisite assessments. Technical support is now available for trainees who may be having trouble with assessments and materials. This can be accessed through the new PGD support email ( and any questions are passed on to an assessor.

Support classes
To help overcome delays and hurdles identified by some learners, new training sessions for some on-job units and new exam preparation classes are now available.

We will continue to work closely with all of you in the PGD sector to make sure the training and support available to you keeps evolving and improving to meet your needs. We will keep you updated as new and ongoing improvements are rolled out.

To join exam preparation classes, or if you have any questions or would like additional information on any of these initiatives, please contact