Workplace Health and Safety

Stay up-to-date

Whatever industry you work in, it’s essential that you keep up with health & safety requirements in the workplace. One of the best references for all information about H&S is the WorkSafe NZ website.

There are many courses available across NZ which cover a range of H&S practices.

Some relevant qualifications are:

  • Health & Safety Representative (HSR) – Becoming an HSRHSR Training
  • NZ Certificate in Workplace H&S Practice (Level 3) – NZQA 3533
  • NZ Certificate in Workplace H&S Practice (Level 4) – NZQA 3534
  • NZ Diploma in Workplace Health and Safety Management (Level 6)– NZQA 3645


Don’t let legislation confuse you – take the first step today to grow your confidence and skills in workplace health & safety.

NZQA qualifications in Workplace H&S

NZQA’s website lists a range of educational organisations who can assist in gaining these qualifications, simply search the qualification or unit standard of interest and then open the drop-down list. E.g.

Why get trained on Workplace Health & Safety?

In New Zealand, an average of 50 people die every year in workplace accidents. A further 900 suffer from work-related health problems. Your business needs to make sure it provides a safe and healthy place to work.

Having people qualified to help with health and safety requirements on site means you have a dedicated person facilitating safe practices in your business. They can also do regular internal audits to identify risks, investigate and report incidents, and educate other staff on safety procedures and measures.

Why do a Workplace Health & Safety course?

Stay up to date with industry standards

The Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 shifts the focus from monitoring and recording health and safety incidents to proactively identifying and managing risks so everyone is safe and healthy.

Image of person next to white board, how training works

Improve your business reputation

With more health & safety-qualified staff, your business will be able to stand out to potential customers and employees as a safety-conscious workplace.

Expand your career options

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to upskill and keep your options open. With health & safety courses under your belt, you have the choice of branching out into new roles, such as a Health & Safety Advisor.

What you will learn

Many courses cover a range of key Health & Safety topics, including:

  • Workplace Health & Safety requirements
  • Risk assessment
  • Fire and emergency evacuations
  • Hazardous substances
  • Investigating incidents
  • Managing drug and alcohol problems
  • Communication skills
  • And much more

Industries and Topics

WorksafeNZ have specific information relating to Industries or Topics covering the below areas (correct as of May 2020)

Worksafe A-Z Topics and Industry

Adventure activities Forestry Petroleum
Agriculture Fumes Planning entry and working safely in a confined space
Air quality Gas Plant and equipment
Amusement devices Geothermal Power tools
Asbestos Hazardous substances Quad bikes
Building and construction Health and hygiene Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)
Bullying Health and safety by design Sexual harassment
Burns and scalds Health and safety in healthcare Shotguns – Safe use in orchards
Chemicals Health and safety in port operations Slips, trips and falls
Compressed air Horticulture Temperature at work
Concrete Legionnaires’ disease Traffic management in manufacturing
Contact dermatitis Load lifting and rigging Tree work
Cranes Machinery Vehicle movements
Cuts Major hazard facilities Vibration
Dust Manual handling Violence at work
Electricity Manufacturing Welding
Energy Safety Mining Wine
Excavation Noise Work-related health
Extractives Occupational diving Worker accommodation
Flammable liquids and fire risk Personal protective equipment (PPE) Working at height